Shimla Manali Tour Guide 2023 Total Cost & How to visit Manali?

In this article we would be discussing about all the information relating to Shimla Manali Tour.

If you want to go to Manali or Shimla, then you have come to the right place as we would be telling how to travel in a budget friendly way and explore beautiful places in Shimla and Manali.

The best time to travel is during the month of December till March as you would be able to witness snow and will also be a pleasant climate

How to Reach Shimla Manali Tour Guide 2023?

There are various options for you to reach Shimla.

Shimla & Manali Tour Guide

Travel by Train

If you want to travel to the Queen of the Hills then we suggest your first option is to travel through train. The nearest railway station is that of Shimla Railway Station.


The specialty of this railway station is that only toy train runs and you can see through the beauty while you travel from Kalka to Shimla.

It is a five hour journey and you will really enjoy the journey throughout. But if you want to avoid the toy train and reach Shimla faster than you may travel to Chandigarh Railway Station.

After reaching Chandigarh, you have to travel by road for at least 120 KM and within 3 hours you would be able to reach the Shimla from Chandigarh.

Travel by Flight


The next option which is available is by flight. If you are choosing, the nearest airport is Chandigarh and then again travel by road as told earlier.

Travel by Bus

If you are from Punjab or Chandigarh, you can also opt bus as a best option to reach Shimla.

For person living in other states, you should choose the other two options which is less time consuming and also budget friendly.

Stay in Shimla

Shimla Manali Tour

Once you have reached Shimla, the next problem for you to is to arrange a stay. You can find many hotels near the Mall Road.

If you want to stay in a 3 star hotel or a good category hotel then you may easily find such hotels within a range of 3-4 KM radius from Shimla.

You will also be able to rooms with beautiful view. Therefore we would suggest you to look for such hotels instead of staying in Mall road.

Food in Shimla Manali Tour

You could easily find food in the hotel that you are staying or if you want to try Himachal cuisine, you can also try nearby restaurants.

Let us see what all things you can plan to visit during your 5 days stay in Shimla Manali Tour.

Shimla Tourist Place Plan Day wise

Day 1

You will reach Shimla in Day 1 through the methods suggested above and find a hotel and take rest so that you feel refreshed after travelling for so long.

Day 2

Now let’s see what you should do in Day 2 after reaching in Shimla. After having your breakfast, you may begin your journey of sightseeing by Kufri.

Kufri is almost 16 KM away from Shimla. In Kufri, there are lot of snow activities you can do. Moreover you would be able to find snow during winter and enjoy the weather of mist.

Next stop is the Hanuman Temple which is called Jhaku temple.. You would find 108 ft height divine sculpture of Hanuman ji.

After worshipping, you continue your journey to the third spot which is the Mall road where you would find various points which you would like to cover.

You would find Scandal point, the Christ Church and Lakkad bazzar. In Lakkad Bazzar, you can items built of wood. Your Day no. 2 will come to an end after covering the all these spots.

Day 3

Now it is time for you to continue your journey to the next destination, Manali. Day 3 will be completed in journey itself from Shimla to Manali as you have to travel 280-290 KM and you can also stop at various places for sightseeing.

As you travel via Kulu, you can opt for river rafting or you may directly reach Manali. After reaching Manali, you will find a lot of hotels which are convenient.

Day 4

After having breakfast, let’s begin our journey by visiting the Solang Valley which is about 22-23 KM away from Manali.

Skiing is the most popular activity in Solang valley and also there is a facility for Yak riding. 

The most unique activity that you could find is the rocket jumping but it is not recommended for persons having heart problem. Tube riding and many other activities are also available.

Day 5

Begin your journey after having breakfast by visiting the local places of Manali.

We recommend you to visit the Vashishtha temple which is situated near the Vashishtha Kund and is one of the ancient temples in Himachal Pradesh.

Next you should visit the Hadimba Temple which is situated between the pine trees and is a beautiful thing to watch. You can also explore other local places also.

Day 6

Hereby we finish our journey of 5 days in total in Shimla and Manali. In the Day 6, we would plan our return in the same way that we had come to Shimla.

If you are planning to go by bus or train, you need to visit Chandigarh otherwise if you want to travel by toy train, you can visit Shimla and reach Kalka.

Final Words

In this article we have given tips to travel in Shimla and Manali tour for a 5 day trip. If you want to travel to these places within your budget, you may contact our website by posting it in our comment box along with your details and we will get back to you..

For a couple, Shimla and Manali tour will cost around 23-25 thousand rupees. If you have any more questions to ask, you may post it in the comment box and we will get to you.

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